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#134 Zach Danziger- Drummer for Donny McCaslin, Mister Barrington, The Wednesday Night Titans & More!

#134 Zach Danziger- Drummer for Donny McCaslin, Mister Barrington, The Wednesday Night Titans & More!

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This week’s guest is Zach Danziger. Zach Danziger is one of the hottest players leading a movement that has broad implications for modern drum set playing. Danziger's musical expertise led him to work with artists including Primal Scream, Busta Rhymes, U2, Wayne Krantz, David Holmes, Mary J. Blige, Rod Stewart, Mariah Carey, Luke Vibert, Chaka Khan, and Miley Cyrus. Zach is currently in the group, Mister Barrington. Their releases have garnered radio airplay worldwide on playlists alongside Robert Glasper, Flying Lotus, and Herbie Hancock and publications such as The New York Times, Downbeat, and Electronic Musician.

Marcos wasn’t available for this interview because he was playing at the Copacabana.

Educational Spotlight for this week…..

PASIC announced the list of names of artists for this year. The deadline for discounted tickets ends soon!

Product review for this week…..

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The Bill O’Reilly meltown is HERE. The Lawrence O’Donnell meltdown is HERE. You can find some of the office meltdown compilations HERE.

R.I.P. Art Neville, A New Orleans Icon, passed away At 81. The song we play in his honor is: Cissy Strut.

The Iconic Recording for this week is…..

Look-ka Py Py” by the Meters. If you’re curious about the 29 songs it was sampled in, you can see that HERE. You can find more info on that song HERE.

Some of the songs we played by the Meters were: Cissy Strut, Look-ka Py Py, & People Say. One of the Neville Brothers songs we played was called Family Groove.

Music News for this week…..

StubHub Refunds $500,000 to Customers Shut Out by New York Blackout. ASCAP and BMI asks people Sign Their Letter: Tell the DOJ to Modernize the Consent Decrees. ‘Baby Shark’ Used by West Palm Beach Officials to Drive Away Homeless People. Nail in the Coffin — Woodstock 50 Denied Desperately-Needed Permit for a Third Time.

The song leading up to the interview is “Justify” by Mister Barrington.

Zach grew up in NYC with a musical family. When he started taking lessons, they were with Hank Geramellow at The Drummer’s Collective. Still at the Collective, he moved on to study with the late Kim Plainfield. Around age 16 Zach started touring with some great artists.

Zach has recorded for a ton of artists, as well as, lots of film scores.

One of the albums Zach played drums on that is referred to is with Wayne Krantz called, “Long to be Loose” and “Two Drink Minimum

Mister Barrington is a trio with Oli Rockberger (vocals/keys), Owen Biddle (bass) and Zach on drums.

Edit Bunker was started by Zach and Owen by the Ted Talk given at Umass Amherst put together by Dylan Brewer.

Hints of Boomish were used in the Ted Talk preperation.

The new project that Zach has evolved to is called Wednesday Night Titans (duo with Kevin Scott).

Here is a link to the David Lee Roth Soundboard (and other soundboards, the Samuel L. Jackson one is a personal fav). Hours of fun!

Zach mentions ISO and aperture with regard to cameras.

Damon mentions decision fatigue.

Damon mentions you can get through the airport (slightly) quicker if you have TSA Pre Check, Global Entry or Mobile Passport app on your phone.

Zach enjoys his coffee and has bought a machine and a grinder to put into his house. Zach’s dream machine is the La Marzocco Linea Mini.

Below is the NYC Coffee map with the best coffee shops in relation to each subway stop…….

NYC Coffee Subway Map.jpg

The pizza shop in Naples that Zach recommends is Gino Sorbillo’s. You can take a NYC Pizza tour from the oldest (coal fired) ovens to the newer (gas fired) ones.

Zach uses Gretsch Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks and Mallets, Remo Drumheads & DW Hardware.

The song responsible for drum and bass was the “Amen, Brother” drum break by the Winstons, that was on a 33 1/3 record, played at 45 speed. It has also been slowed down and sampled for hip hop.

You can follow Zach on Facebook, Instagram and you can follow the Wednesday Night Titans on their Website.

The song leading out of the video is from the Wednesday Night Titans Instagram Page.

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