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#99 Nate Wood- Multi-instrumentalist for Kneebody, fOUR, Donny McCaslin, Wayne Krantz, and More!

#99 Nate Wood- Multi-instrumentalist for Kneebody, fOUR, Donny McCaslin, Wayne Krantz, and More!

Shoutout to the Zencastr app. It is what we use to record podcast episodes for guests who aren’t in our immediate vicinity. They are not paying us, in fact, we are paying them to use their services! It’s been working great as we have recently tested it with guests overseas.

Today’s guest is Nate Wood. Grammy nominated Nate Wood is a drummer/multi-instrumentalist and mastering engineer based in New York City. Nate is a founding member of the Grammy nominated quintet Kneebody. Kneebody released their self titled debut album in 2005 on trumpeter Dave Douglas’s label Greenleaf Music. In 2007, Kneebody released “Low Electrical Worker” on Colortone Media. They completed an album of arrangements of Charles Ives compositions with singer Theo Bleckmann and released the recording “12 Songs of Charles Ives” which was nominated “Best Classical Crossover Album” Grammy Award (2009, Winter and Winter). Kneebody’s latest record “The Line” was released on Concord Records in 2013.

Nate has also performed or recorded with many notable artists including Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders, Dave Grohl, Brian May and Roger Taylor (Queen), Chris Squire (Yes), Elliot Easton (The Cars), Chaka Khan, Wayne Krantz, Billy Childs, Tigran Hamasyan, Donny McCaslin, Sting and many others. 

 Nate was featured in Modern Drummer in March of 2014, and placed in the 2015 Modern Drummer reader’s poll among the top 5 drummers in his category.

Along with his work as a sideman, Nate has released 3 albums of his own material, where he performed, recorded and mixed everything himself.  His newest album “Another Time” was released in July 2014. 

Nate also masters records for artists from around the world. 

Neither Damon or Marcos we’re able to attend PASIC, so we will be checking it out on social media. Its also the perfect time to register with PAS so you can attend next year!

If you are in Mexico City, Mexico, go see Marcos Torres and Marcos Lopez give a Percussion Clinic.

Kilo:Lopez Masterclass.jpg

The masterclass is at the Academia de Arte in Mexico. Then they will be performing with Jeremy Bosch.

Our product review for this week is the Genius Pack, G4 carry on spinner suitcase.

Here are three Thanksgiving Day playlists for you to use with your friends and loved ones. Playlist #1, Playlist #2, Playlist #3. The iconic recording was Thankful N’ Thoughtful by Sly & The Family Stone off of the “Fresh” album.

Music News this week…..

The Third Monk Brewing Co. in South Lyon, MI owned by Jeff Robinson makes sure performers get royalties by paying the licensing fee to ASCAP, BMI & SESAC. You can CLICK HERE and enter your email to get the free home recording guide from Discmakers. Soundtoys is having a sale on gear if you are looking to upgrade your home studio. How to know when to quit your job and pursue your passion. Spinal Tap will be doing an anniversary screening during the TriBeCa Film Festival in NYC between April 24th through May 5th 2019. Taylor Swift leaves Big Machine Label Group and Joins Universal Music Group. Universal Music Group’s revenue jumps 13.5%. Sony acquires EMI. Kanye donates $150k to the family of the slain Chicago security guard.

The song leading into the Nate Wood interview is: Rabbit!

Nate was just in Europe performing with Donny McCaslin.

He mentions getting the idea for the fOUR project from seeing Josh Dion and Deantoni Parks. Damon also mentions Kenwood Dennard playing the drums and keyboards at the same time.

Nate uses some of the analog Korg Synths and both Damon and Nate use the DW 6000 series ultralight hardware.

Nate is also a mastering engineer. He has great gear, does a fantastic job and is affordable! Joe Gastwirt is who inspired Nate to master. Steve Wood (Nate’s father) is Nate’s favorite engineer and also an external voice he can use in decision making.

Nate attended the California Institute for the Arts for college. The website where you can determine whether or not songs are Yacht Rock or not. Yacht or Nyacht.

Nate has made a couple cameos in some Louis Cole “Live Sesh” videos. The band that Louis was a fan of that Nate started is called Kneebody. The Lego Movie song that Nate brings up by Louis is called “Dance of Doom”. The song Nate mentions that is the same changes as the “Dance of Doom” is this Live Sesh vid, “F— It Up!” (NSFW).

The band Nate brings up as seeing recently is a Polish grindcore band and you can hear them HERE. The other musicians Nate throws out there to check out are Jon Bap and Aphex Twin.

There is a NYC Coffee Shop Map of the best coffee near every subway stop in Manhattan.

NYC Coffee Map.jpg

Nate uses: Gretsch Drums, Istanbul Agop Cymbals, Promark Sticks, Remo Drumheads, Drum Workshop Hardware, D’addario Strings, Aguilar Amplification and Moollon instruments.

Nate uses some great gear when he masters including stuff from Hand Crafted Laboratories.

You can follow Nate on his Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or have him Master your music!

His bands are fOUR, Kneebody and a duo with Jesske Hume called WeYou. You can get ALL of his music from his Bandcamp site.

The song leading out of his interview was: Reckless.

#100 Pete Lockett- Percussionist for Jeff Beck, Björk, Various Film Scores and More!

#100 Pete Lockett- Percussionist for Jeff Beck, Björk, Various Film Scores and More!

#98 Ed Choi- Principal Percussionist for the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra!

#98 Ed Choi- Principal Percussionist for the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra!