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#79 Pablo "Chino" Nuñez-Multiple Grammy/Latin Grammy Winner, Percussionist, Producer & More!

#79 Pablo "Chino" Nuñez-Multiple Grammy/Latin Grammy Winner, Percussionist, Producer & More!

This week we have the great Chino Nunez as a guest. Chino is an accomplished percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, recording artist, band leader, and educator, multiple Grammy, Latin Grammy and Billboard winner/nominee,  he has performed/toured with a verifiable Who’s Who in the world of Latin music, as well as with his own critically acclaimed ensemble the Chino Nunez Orchestra.

His diverse recording and performing experience includes work with legendary figures Tito Puente, Hector Lavoe, Celia Cruz, Johnny Pacheco, Marc Anthony, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Ray Barretto, Willie Colon, Ruben Blades, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Larry Harlow, Tito Nieves, Spanish Harlem Orchestra and a host of others. Chino has performed in venues all over the world including Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, North Sea Jazz Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival to name just a few.

First up are product reviews. Yamaha has a new Crosstown Hardware package for anyone tired of heavy stands and/or has to navigate a city to play gigs You can get the stands as a full package or individually.   For some alternative implements, you can check out DEM'sticks by Dave Deming. Some of our past guests use them and you should give them a peek cause they're great! Lastly, here are 7 new midi controllers that are more evolved than just the standard keyboard. 

Thanks to Jeremy and Chad for writing in. Shout out to Courtney and Dianna of The Brazilian Beat Podcast, for the love! One of the spots Marcos mentioned to check out in Cuba was the Casa de la Musica de Miramar.  The other spot was across the street from the Hotel Nacional de Cuba. We hope to have more info for you in the future. As far as Rodney Barreto, you can start here with his Instagram page

Education spotlight for this week, is the 2018 Marching Fest being held at PASIC this coming November. If you are interested and/or eligible for any of the categories for the Marching Fest, you can CLICK HERE for more info. 

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Music news for this week. The Senate passes the Music Modernization Act after the House of Representatives passed it as well. This is the definition for the AMP act that Damon looked up on the air. 32,000+ Songwriters & Authors Urge European Parliament to Pass Article 13. Spotify Subscribers Demand Refunds Over Too Much Drake Promotion. Spotify Lite is now an option for people who don't want, can't afford, or are unable to use the full Spotify app. 

The song leading into Chino's interview is Indestructible by Frankie Vazquez (a tribute to Ray Barretto) off the Mambo Cafe album (2010)

One of the first "instruments" Chino had as a kid were the green Keebler export soda cracker cans.

The album "De Punta A Punta" by El Gran Combo contained the song Achilipu which was one of the tunes Chino mentioned. "Anacaona" by Cheo Feliciano off the album "Cheo" and "Che Che Cole" by Willie Colon on the "Breaking Out" album were also mentioned. 

Three of Chino's main influences with his timbale playing are Tito PuenteOrestes Vilato and Ralph Irizarry.  Chino also mentions Jessie Caraballo who plays drums as well as timbales

Shoutout to Chucky Lopez for not showing up so Chino could get his start on bongos at age 14 with Johnny Pacheco and Celia Cruz.

Moving into the 80s, Chino started to play with Noey Matos Y Su Alma Caliente before that band became the backing band for Adalberto Santiago. Then there was Bobby Rodriguez y La Compania. The song Chino sings to Marcos is "Numero Seis". 

Chino references Quincy Jones and Sergio George as two producers who inspired him on that side of things. 

Chino recorded on the Spanish Harlem Orchestra albums and the first one was what got him back on the road and winning Grammys. With the help of friends, he was able to succeed in ending his homelessness. If you are looking for ways to help the homeless, you can click HERE

Chino has two solo albums which you can get by clicking the following links. "Chino Nunez And friends Its Shotime Strictly Hardcore On 1or2 Tribute To The Dancers" and "Doctor Salsa - Volume #2"

Chino uses Latin Percussion instruments and Drum Workshop Hardware, and Sabian Cymbals

You can find Chino on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and soon again on his Website.

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