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#80 Nêgah Santos- Percussionist for Jon Batiste & Stay Human and More!

#80 Nêgah Santos- Percussionist for Jon Batiste & Stay Human and More!

This episode starts with special guest hanging out, Jeremy Bosch. You can check out Marcos Torres' IGTV as well as the acoustic solo piano version Jeremy talks about. Here is the full live band playing the same song at Rockwood Music Hall. 

This week's episode features Nêgah Santos, who you can see playing with Jon Batiste and the Stay Human Band each well on the Stephen Colbert Show

This week's educational spotlights are....

The Sabian Education Network is hosting a Facebook Live event with Billy Cobham, Ron Carter and Kenny Barron. Here is a list of some of the best Drum Camps you should check out to step up your playing. This is the Benny Greb DVD set that was mentioned. 

The DIY Musician Conference in Nashville this August that Damon is speaking at released their schedule. Damon's seminar is called 'From Sideman to CEO'. It will talk about points found in Ari Herstand's blog post, and this blog post that Damon wrote among other insightful points. 

2019 Grammy Submissions are now open and you can read about how to submit HERE and HERE. This is the direct link to the Grammys FAQ page which can give you further information if you choose to, or are wondering how to submit. 

Our iconic recording this week is from Mongo Santamaria Y Justo Betancourt's album "Ubane". The track is called "Kindimbia".

Music news for this week.....

First article talks about how the success of "I Like It" is important for the future of Latin Music. "Wild thoughts" uses a sample of the Santana tune "Maria Maria". Who Sampled is creating an app that will work similarly to Shazam and help you figure out which samples are used in which song you're listening too. This started with the hip hop community in identifying popular samples used. John Coltrane's first wife Naima found some lost recordings which were released and now they are charting. Vinyl recordings are up to 19.2% of how music is consumed. Two stranded Fyre Festival attendees are receiving $5mil in damages. Green Day's song "American Idiot" soars up the UK charts as the US President heads overseas. 

Nêgah Santos is from São Paulo Brazil and the town she mentions that her Grandmother raised her in is called Aclimação

She mentions Vila Madalena as being a pretty famous neighborhood as well as having some Samba School hotspots. 

As far as Capoeira as a musical ensemble, THESE are some of the instruments used. Here is a VIDEO showing some of the dancing backed by the music. You can head down to Bahia and study. Mestre Igê was Nêgah's teacher. 

Before attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, Nêgah went to the Tom Jobim School in Sao Paulo. The other school she mentions with having a connection to Berklee is the Souza Lima School.

One of her mentors was Terry Lyne Carrington.  She was featured on a DVD with Herbie Hancock (1:15:30 starts the tribute to Tony Williams).

Nêgah got into the Global Jazz Institute to further her studies in playing percussion in Jazz. 

After graduating, she went on to tour with Riverdance for about five months. If you are interested in learning the Bodhran, you can start with this VIDEO here

The Samsung commercial we referred to can also be seen HERE and HERE.

Special shout out to Scott Kettner and his Maracatu NY ensemble for not only bringing people together through music, but also educating and being a genuinely kind human being. 

While on the Stephen Colbert show, the musicians are protected by the NYC Musician's Union. (Local 802 chapter).

If you can't make it to the Stephen Colbert show, you can see Nêgah at the Samba Kitchen on Wednesday night and Sunday Brunch. 

Some of the music that she is listening to currently is by Fundo de Quintal and Demônios da Garoa. 

This is the NexCare tape mentioned for helping to preserve the life of your fingers while playing hand drums. 

You can follow Nêgah on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and (mostly) Instagram as well as her soon to be updated Website.

Happy Birthday to 78 years young Sir Richard Starkey aka Ringo Starr

#81 Dani Markham-Percussionist for Childish Gambino, Tune-Yards and More!

#81 Dani Markham-Percussionist for Childish Gambino, Tune-Yards and More!

#79 Pablo "Chino" Nuñez-Multiple Grammy/Latin Grammy Winner, Percussionist, Producer & More!

#79 Pablo "Chino" Nuñez-Multiple Grammy/Latin Grammy Winner, Percussionist, Producer & More!