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#117 Andy Moffatt- Drummer for the Eagles Drumline (NFL)

#117 Andy Moffatt- Drummer for the Eagles Drumline (NFL)

Andy Moffatt is our guest this week. He is the captain of and runs the Eagles Drumline. If you are interested in other sports drumlines you can start with THIS LIST. There is also the Gallant Entertainment company that runs some of the drumlines in the northeast part of the USA. Also mentioned are the Las Vegas Golden Knights drumline (AKA the Drumbots).

March 4th is National Marching Music Day. We missed it, BUT, it will come around next year and you can celebrate all over again.

March is also Women’s History Month. We want to shout-out drummer Viola Smith, who is 106 years young, AND STILL DRUMMING! You can learn more about her by CLICKING HERE.

Also, for Women’s History month we wanted to shout-out Sara Bareilles’ new album (coming April 5th) and featuring the great Jim Keltner on drums, produced by T-Bone Walker.

The episode Damon mentions with Andy at Vic Firth is epsiode 18.

If you are interested in helping out (friend of the show) Scott Kettner and leader of the Nation Beat Band, you can go to their indiegogo page to help them complete their album.

Music News for this week…..

NMPA Publishers File $150M Lawsuit Against Peloton Over Unlicensed Music by Drake, Ariana Grande & More. Ariana Grande is helping to get people registered to vote at shows for her upcoming tour with her #thankunextgen initiative. Canadian Government Increases Canada Music Fund Budget by $15 Million. After R. Kelly’s lawyer asked a U.S. court for permission to travel to Dubai to perform, Dubai’s government has denied the artist’s claims. Then Dubai Issues a Statement on R. Kelly: ‘Mr. Kelly Has Not Been Invited by the Dubai Royal Family for a Performance’. Jay-Z, 'Super Fly,' 'La Bamba' (among other artists) are Added To National Recording Registry. The Special Guest App is for all talent types, including musicians, comedians, magicians, kids entertainers, dancers, DJs, actors / actresses, rappers / hip hop artists, photographers, and much more to get hired or to search for artists for events. Gig Salad is the website mentioned in the past about trying to find talent for your events.

Andy talks about this being the 10th year of the Eagles drumline and getting inspiration from the Broncos Stampede and 49ers Niner Noise drumlines.

One of the styles of marching bands and drumlines that Andy brings up are the HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) made famous in the movie Drumline with Nick Cannon.

Andy talks about going out into the lot with the tailgaters before the games.

After playing for the tailgaters, they head over to the Plaza to play for more fans before heading into the stadium.

After the plaza performance, they head into the stadium for the pre-game festivities.

They (The Eagles) also have a Pep Band that performs as well.

The drumline does a lot of PR and community service for the Eagles.

Abbey Road.png

They also got the chance to go to London to represent the team (and the NFL) overseas.

The drumline was leading the parade down broad street after the Eagles won the superbowl.


The drumline was also out in Minnesota for the actuall super bowl week festivities, both performing and supporting the team.

The movie with Mark Wahlburg is called Invincible, based on the true story of Vince Papale.


Andy’s grandfather worked for a bunch of drum companies and his father Al, also created the endorsement side of things for marching drumlines with the Zildjian company.

Andy started his drum corps career with the G.B. Vagabonds drum corps and ended it with the Crossmen Drum Corps.

Saturday May 11th, there is a Band Day event in Williston, North Dakota featuring Carson Wentz and the Eagles drumline (among many other names).

The reason why the Ravens have a marching band and not just a drumline is because of the Baltimore Colts.

Eagles Autism.jpg

If you are interested in the main Eagles fundraiser, the Eagles Autism Challenge is an ongoing charity you can help out.

You can follow Andy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or at the Eagles drumline page.

#118 Diego Alvarez- Percussionist and Cajon Master

#118 Diego Alvarez- Percussionist and Cajon Master

#116 Eddie Montalvo- Conguero for Hector Lavoe, Willie Colon, Ruben Blades Y Seis Del Solar and More!

#116 Eddie Montalvo- Conguero for Hector Lavoe, Willie Colon, Ruben Blades Y Seis Del Solar and More!