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#89 Umass Amherst Roundtable- Thom Hannum, Colin McNutt & Ian Hale

#89 Umass Amherst Roundtable- Thom Hannum, Colin McNutt & Ian Hale

This week features a roundtable discussion with Thom Hannum, Colin McNutt, and Ian Hale. We have interviewed them in the past, so you can click on the hyperlinks for a thorough background and more on them.

R.I.P. to drummer and bassist Joel Smith as well as lyricist Mac Miller.

Friend of the show Henry Cole’s apartment building burned down. If you are able to help him out, please head HERE and help him get back on his feet.

Marcos Torres and family are having a fundraiser for a family member who has cancer at the Acoustic in Black Rock (Bridgeport), CT on Sunday, October 7th. Jeremy Bosch, The Cosmic Jibaros, Danielle Cruz and more will be there to perform that night. Doors at 5pm. $10 donation.

Marcos will also be playing congas with the Mambo Legends Orchestra (formerly Tito Puente Orchestra) at the Lehman Center in the Bronx on Saturday Sept 22nd at 8pm Tickets are available HERE. Marcos will be sitting in between friends of the show Jose Madera and Johnny “Dandy” Rodriguez.

Damon will be playing with Morgan James in Europe.


The presale code is: MJEUROPE and you can order your tickets HERE.

The Global Citizen Festival will take place on the great lawn in Central Park NYC on Saturday September 29th with gates opening at 2pm. The tickets are free, but you have to earn them by doing a charitable act.

Our product review this week is Earthworks microphones.

Our iconic recording this week is “Yo Soy De Ley“ off the album ‘Que Suerte He Tenido De Nacer’ by Roberto Roena (also featuring Papo Pepin on the album).

Music News this week is……

SONA (Songwriters of North America) is leading the charge to get the Music Moderinzation Act passed in Congress. The newest monkey wrench in the gears of progress is Sirus XM.


There are only 27 Senators left who have yet to co-sponsor the bill.


Check out the app Shoeboxed to get your taxes in order.

How about an accountability team as step one, instead of jumping to a music manager?

Shoutout to John Legend for being the second youngest and the first black man to win an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award). You can hear the interview with his percussionist Dominique Thomas as well.

Festivals have been postponed and rescheduled due to Hurricane Florence.

We talk a little bit about 9.11, and the interview we referenced with regard to that was with Jeff Queen.

The song leading into and out of the interview is the cadence/street beat for the University of Massachusetts.

A couple books to help you teach rhythms to get your students better are “Teaching Rhythm” and “A Percussionist’s Guide to Check Patterns

Colin says: 1- Have a plan, 2- Get inspired, & 3- Make the group better in some way. He also brings up the Anthony Cirone Snare Drum Book.

If you are interested in auditioning for the percussion studio at Umass, click HERE for the prerequisite information.

The Leigh Howard Stevens book, Method of Movement is the book Ian refers to when having practiced in the hotel room. If you are interested in upcoming seminars and events by Leigh, click HERE.

Here’s an article from 2005 talking about the huge impact Thom Hannum has had on other educators who have been through the Umass Amherst percussion program.

Kit Karlson is brought up by Colin and you can listen to his interview and check out his studio in the Washington D.C. area.

You can check out the coaching/leadership books by John Wooden that are brought up.

The book that explains things like “Phrase Charts” with regard to writing is in the book, “Championship Concepts for Marching Percussion”.

Colin is a Celtics fan, but he mentions the 76ers “Trust the Process” motto.

Damon brings up Thom’s Mobile Percussion Seminar which is both an educational tool and recruitment tool. Not just for Umass, but for being a percussionist.

Both Colin and Ian are involved with the Calgary Stampede and their three bands (the Roundup, Stetsons and Stampede)

Here’s a link to print a monthly calendar.

If you want more details about or have a band interested in being a part of the Umass Amherst Band Day, this is the link for you to CLICK HERE.

An anomaly is Tom Aungst and the Dartmouth School Music Association. He teaches percussion from elementary, through middle and high school.

#90 Josh Dion-Drummer and Multi-Instrumentalist for Paris Monster

#90 Josh Dion-Drummer and Multi-Instrumentalist for Paris Monster

#88 Doug Hinrichs- Broadway Percussionist, Inventor of One Handed Triangle

#88 Doug Hinrichs- Broadway Percussionist, Inventor of One Handed Triangle