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#86 Jon Epcar-Drummer for Mean Girls, Carney, Spiderman on Broadway and More!

#86 Jon Epcar-Drummer for Mean Girls, Carney, Spiderman on Broadway and More!

The photo of Jon Epcar was taken by: John Fell.

This episode features Jon Epcar. Born and raised in Los Angeles, drummer Jon Epcar currently resides in NYC. He has worked with many artists, including Bono, Justin Timberlake, John Legend, Rihanna, Natasha Bedingfield, Carly Rae Jepsen, Klangkarussell, Cristian Castro, Matt Morris, Madison Beer, Katie Melua, Evan Rachel Wood, Jackson Harris, Jesse James, The Ghostwriters, Taryn Manning, Matt & Kim, John Issac Watters, Danielia Cotton. He is a founding member of the band Carney, with whom he toured and recorded with for many years. On Broadway, he originated the drum chairs for Spider-Man and Amelie, and Tina Fey’s Mean Girls, where he is currently drumming.

The LP Bronx Photoshoot was taken by Martin Cohen at the Pregones Theater. Martin along with Javier Raez, run the Congahead dot com site. 


Dave Weckl came out to one of the Denver shows to see Damon with Charlie Hunter. Dave is currently on tour with the Chick Corea Akoustic Band, feat Chick, Dave and John Patitucci

Damon and Marcos geek out about various Vic Firth Sticks and Mallets. They also talk about the Sabian Ozone Crash and the Zildjan Trash Crash

Since the previous podcast episode, Aretha Franklin passed away and her album sales and streams rose a significant amount. 

The social soundbyte is the video "Mini Solo" by percussionist Ivan Llanes

This week's iconic recording is "Inner City Blues" by Marvin Gaye. You can find the details of this song by clicking HERE and also info on Bobbye Hall one of the percussionists on the album. If you don't know her history, you can read more about that HERE.

You can write us in at and let us know of some other drum vernacular like: Pea Soup (Disco), Chew Tobacco (Heavy Backbeat Swing), and Tanging the Hump (The Philadelphia Right Hand). You can hear the last example by John "Jabo" Starks in the song, "Turn on Your Lovelight" by Bobby "Blue" Bland and B.B. King (performed by Bobby). 

Thanks for writing in Joe Connors! In addition to previous apps we have talked about to help you practice, we can add the Salsa App to that list!

Music news for this week.....

Fox News messes up Aretha Franklin tribute. Also you should think long and hard before trying to pull off Aretha. 


This is the Patti LaBelle Christmas Concert Damon mentions where she could not hear her background singers.  

The Senators who still need to Co-Sponsor the Music Modernization act are below. You can go HERE to help out. This ARTICLE tells you what happens after the bill passes. 


Spotify now includes producers and songwriter credits on songs (not all songs yet, and not the musicians who played either). 

Lastly, how to track when google is tracking you, as well as the fact that Google tracks and records your movements even if you turn off Location History (whomp whomp whomp).

Jon grew up in Los Angeles and attended Hamilton High School. He is currently playing drums on Broadway for the show Mean Girls

While living in L.A. Jon took lessons from Paul Kreibich, Greg Hutchinson, and even Jeff Hamilton.  Special shoutout to Frank Briggs for getting Jon going on the drums. 

After Hamilton High, Jon went to Berklee College of Music. While in Berklee, Jon got an additional education from going to Wally's Cafe

One of Jon's first gigs in L.A. after graduating was a pop band called Shut Up Stella.

Jon used to watch Carney at Molly Malone's in Los Angles. Jon mentions David Kahne as one of the first producers for the band Carney.

Later, Carney becomes the house band for Spiderman on Broadway

You can hear Jon's drumming on the Mean Girls soundtrack. The Prince Tribute Jon refers to can be seen HERE

This is a shot (taken by John Fell) of the kit Jon is using (below).....


Sponsor shoutout for Jon is: Craviotto Drums, Paiste Cymbals, Aquarian Drumheads, Vater Drumsticks and Reflexx Practice Pads

You too can sign up with the musician's union. The local chapter in NYC is 802. You can find some Broadway jobs by searching HEREHERE, and HERE. Becoming a sub is a better way to get your foot in the door. 

If you are up for the challenge, you can try and study with Michael Carvin in the NYC area. 

Jon mentions the Cac Sac cymbal bags. These are additional tips on breaking into the Broadway scene if you are a musician. CLICK HERE, HERE, & HERE

You can follow Jon on his Website, Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. You can check out his music and new album, "Morning Drone" on Soundcloud, Apple Music and Spotify

#87 Walfredo De Los Reyes Sr.- Cuban Master Percussionist

#87 Walfredo De Los Reyes Sr.- Cuban Master Percussionist

#85 Paulo Stagnaro-Conga Chops/Ryan Gruss-The Loop Loft

#85 Paulo Stagnaro-Conga Chops/Ryan Gruss-The Loop Loft