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#77 Aaron Draper & Devin Webster- Eminem's Powerhouse Percussion Section!

#77 Aaron Draper & Devin Webster- Eminem's Powerhouse Percussion Section!

This week we have Aaron and Devin from Eminem's band. If you want some back story on Aaron, you can go back and listen to Episode #10.

We mention that Aaron performed in the legendary Jay-Z unplugged concert with the Roots on MTV. You can see a little clip of that rehearsal below.....

You can watch Aaron and Brian Frasier-Moore on this year's BET Award show in the house band.

We touch on the history of Junteenth and you can read more about that date (which still isn't a national holiday yet!!!), by clicking HERE. Michael Twitty can be found on this WEBSITE, and his book 'The Cooking Gene', can be found HERE

For our Educational Spotlight, The Spirit Winter Percussion group out of Cape Cod, MA is having their Drum With Us percussion camps Starting in July. If you are interested and would like more info, CLICK HERE

Also, the New York University International Percussion Competition. There are cash prizes and multiple instruments you can compete on. There is 16 and younger age group and a 17-26 age group. 

Our Iconic Recording is "Everybody Loves the Sunshine" by Roy Ayers. You can read more about that HERE.

Our Product Reviews for this week are the Thumb Thang. Its a great shaker that attaches to your hand and doesn't affect the weight or balance of the implement you have in your hand. Damon talks about using it for this performance. Next, the Gon Bops Timbal Snare, which you can see a video of that HERE. Also mentioned is the DW LoPro Travel Kit (with optional case). OR, you can check out the Pancake Bass Drum (here it is as a bombast). 

Music News for this week. Ameoba Music is getting demolished, but is only moving down the street. NY moves toward legalizing weed. XXXtentacion was shot and has passed away. Beyonce and Jay-Z have released a surprise album and there are songwriters and producers who talk about how it came to be. Here are some of the sultry photos that were causing an uproar on the internet. Youtube Music finally has launched in 17 countries. To compete with YouTube, Instagram introduces hour long stories. Spotify partners with Instagram so users can share what they're listening to, whereas Snapchat partners with Pandora

The song leading into the interview is 3A.M. by Eminem

The interview starts with Damon and Aaron catching up. The first bit of knowledge Aaron drops is to save your money and buy a place. Here are some tips on how to do that when you're self employed. Shoutout to Deidre Robinson and Baby Boy Management for taking care of Aaron. 

The newest album by Eminem is called "Revival" You can check out some of that album HERE

Damon and Aaron started talking about .wav formats to be able to be read/played on one of the Roland sampler type pads or the Yamaha DTX pad they need to be 44.1hz and 16bit .wav files

The Sound Editor for the SPD pads by Roland can be found HERE. This is one of the free online file converters you can use to change your sounds into the right format for whatever you need. 

Here's a link to being able to watch 112 perform on the Soul Train Awards. You can see Aaron in the back playing percussion. Here's the clip of him playing with Chaka Khan for the VH1 Divas Christmas Show. And if you didn't know Chaka can play the drums, click HERE. "I Am Every Woman" by Chaka Khan is off of her album titled "Chaka". Anthony Jackson does play bass on the album, but that particular track was actually played by Will Lee on bass (Steve Ferrone on drums). You can see all the credits to that album HERE

Devin Webster (D. Web) is from the Baltimore area and B-More is so much more than just The Wire.  His first major tour after High School was the 2005 Seagram's Gin Tour. You can read a little more about that HERE

Here's a behind the scenes look at what Coachella is all about (as an artist). Update on whether or not Beyonce bought a New Orleans Church for $850k. And if you missed her performance, you can watch it HERE for the time being. 

Special shoutout to Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken, and if you don't have that restaurant in your area, but want to make it at home, then here you go.........YOU'RE WELCOME!

To connect to the internet in the early 90s, you had to go through this PROCESS.

Some of the people Aaron listened to growing up that inspired his playing were Pancho Sanchez, Tito Puente, & Giovanni Hidalgo

If you don't know what Encyclopedia Britannica is, there is now a digital version

These are the FAA Musical Instrument Flying Regulations

You can follow Aaron on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can follow Devin (D. Web) Webster on Instagram.

#78 Jamey Haddad- Percussionist for Paul Simon, Faculty at Oberlin Conservatory and More!

#78 Jamey Haddad- Percussionist for Paul Simon, Faculty at Oberlin Conservatory and More!

#76 Keita Ogawa- Percussionist for Charlie Hunter, Snarky Puppy, Banda Magda and More!

#76 Keita Ogawa- Percussionist for Charlie Hunter, Snarky Puppy, Banda Magda and More!