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#72 Bill Bachman- Rudimental Great, Educator, Author & Inventor!

#72 Bill Bachman- Rudimental Great, Educator, Author & Inventor!

Episode 72 features Bill Bachman. He is a rudimental drumming great who also educates all over the world in person, via skype and also with clinics and masterclasses. He has written some great books and also invented some fantastic products

Marcos is going to get his hearing checked by an ENT that employs an Audiologist, and you should too! Damon has a decibel meter app on his phone to know how loud it is around him and when to put in his ear plugs. 


Educational Spotlight: It is International Drum Month and you can check out this website that was sent to us: Play Drums dot Com for more information about finding a teacher in your area or tuning drums and more. Later in the episode we talk about a website that our featured guest Bill has. Its a great service he offers to help you play better and offers all kinds of tools to assist your drumming needs. We have an exclusive link for you, located at Drumworkout dot Com where you pay for two months and get one free (you're welcome!). If you want to check out the books Bill wrote, the link for that is HERE

Social Soundbyte: Orlando Poleo is another great conguero who uses rudiments in his playing. You can go to his page to see videos and descriptions on how he executes flawlessly. 

Product Review: The Clap, by Index Drums. This looks to be an acoustic version of a hand clap, similar to what a ribbon crasher is. Bonus, here's a video of Damon using the castanets as an option for a finger snap.

Music News: African Polyrhythms are the root of European Club Music. Black Panther score music. Music Modernization Act passed the House of Representatives 415-0 and has been introduced into the Senate. Instagram stories might introduce music to them via the same way they brought in stickers and location tags. "Hateful Conduct" creators like R. Kelly and XXXtention have been banned from Spotify. The 8 best laptops for music production. If you are having issues with Protools, you can try Logic or Ableton as a substitute. 

PASIC registration is open now and you can get you ticket now!

This is the Dominick Cuccia that Bill was referring to.

Genesis was one of the early inspirations for Bill and his drumming career. You can hear some of their more popular music HERE. This LIST is for true prog rock Genesis fans! Chester Thompson and Bill Bruford are two of the great drummers to have played in Genesis. Also, Rush (especially the Moving Pictures album) was another source of inspiration. This VIDEO shows Neil Peart and some of the demanding drum parts he played. 

Bill marched Dutch Boy and the Cadets drum corps. 

This is the Pokey Stomp that Bill talks about. 

Bill attended North Texas and studied with Paul Rennick before completing his degree at Berklee College of Music. 

He then Taught the Bluecoats drumline. 

The specific book he refers to is Quad Logic, and the Julie Davila book is called Modern Multi-Tenor Techniques & Solos. After Quad Logic, there was Rudimental Logic, and then Bass Logic

If you are interested in studying with Bill you can reach him HERE. OR you can sign up with Drum Workout dot Com with our special promo code. 

Bill uses Vic Firth Sticks & Mallets, Zildjian Cymbals, Remo Drumheads exclusively. He also has written some publications for Row-Loff Productions as well as his two books Stick Technique and Rhythm & Chops Builders published by Modern Drummer (where he is a regular contributor to the magazine). 

#71 DNP Round Table- Feat. Camilo Molina, Marcos Lopez, Gabo Lugo & Javier Raez

#71 DNP Round Table- Feat. Camilo Molina, Marcos Lopez, Gabo Lugo & Javier Raez