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#57 Tony Miceli & David Friedman- Master Vibraphone Players Podcast

#57 Tony Miceli & David Friedman- Master Vibraphone Players Podcast

This week features Tony Miceli and David Friedman.

As promised, here is the height chart photo.....


This is where to get the "Masters of the Vibes" book by Anthony Smith. 

If you are interested in going to Cuba in March, you can click HERE and get more information. 

The GroundUp Festival will be taking place in Miami in February and hosted by the Snarky Puppy crew. If you can't make it there, you can go to the Blue Note in NYC in March and see Weedie Braimah and other great musicians. 

NAMM recap

This is more info on the Yamaha EAD (Electronic Acoustic Drums). Here is a photo of the floor tom bass drums...


Roland/Boss RC-505 and 202. This is the video of Marcelo Wolowski.

Here are a couple photos of the Beat Box...


Remo has the new Color Tone heads which you can see here on the clear vistalite kits....


Here are some cajon mounts by Hector Torres at Amplified Timber


You can hear friend of the show, J.J. Johnson playing the new K series Sweet rides and crashes and hats from Zildjian. This is more info on the new Sabian frequency reduced cymbals (FRX).

Vic Firth has new sticks to aid in your grip whether you have dry or sweaty hands. Also, snappy snares (scroll down after you click the link). The stone grinder looks like this.....


Shoutout to the Reflexx company for shipping the new practice pad over.


You can check out the photography by the great Rob Shanahan, and also check out the Latin Percussion home page and see the photos he took that were also featured in the new catalog as well as the on the walls of the booth at the convention. 

You can see additional new products on the Modern Drummer instagram page or Drumeo conducted some interviews as well as reviews. 

Shoutout to Dani Markham for playing percussion with Childish Gambino.  You can see other winners by going here. 

The Thumb Thang shaker by Ed Bettinelli.

David Friedman has joined Tony Miceli and other great vibraphonists using the Omega Vibraphone by Malletech. 

This is one of the commercials David was referring to with the coffee. 

The music Damon played in college is from the "Double Image" collection (written by David Freidman and Dave Samuels), and Tony mentions the dampening and pedaling book David wrote. 

The online website that Tony runs is the Vibesworkshop dot com. 

David used the Music Minus One series to audition for Juilliard. 

Here are some of David's recording credits. This is the full album for Milt Jackson's "Sunflower". Its up to your best guess to figure out which head David recorded instead of Milt. 

Tony hosts the World Vibes Congress.  

"Kind of Blue" by Miles Davis, was a "life changing" album for Tony. "Opus de Funk" and "Plenty Plenty Soul" both by Milt Jackson were the "life changing" albums for David. David also enjoyed Buddy Rich at a young age, but The Modern Jazz Quartet was always a weakness for him. 

David gives a special mention to the (Art) Tatum (Lionel) Hampton (Buddy) Rich Trio and their version of "What is This Thing Called Love" where Buddy uses brushes. 

You can follow Tony (aside from the Vibes Workshop listed above) on his Website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

You can Follow David on his Website, Facebook, Twitter as well as his new label Mallet Muse Records.

Tony uses Malletech Vibraphones and Mike Balter Mallets, Alternate Mode (Kat Instruments) and Beiner Bags. David uses Malletech Instruments and Innovative Percussion Mallets.

If you'd like to help out the podcast, you can donate at our Patreon page. 

#58 Leigh Howard Stevens- Marimba Virtuoso & CEO of the Malletech Corporation

#58 Leigh Howard Stevens- Marimba Virtuoso & CEO of the Malletech Corporation

#56 Roland Dénes- Timpanist for the Budapest Festival Orchestra

#56 Roland Dénes- Timpanist for the Budapest Festival Orchestra